Best Razor Bump Relief Method

Given below are some easy ways to provide you relief from razor bumps, which can cause quite some problem in disrupting that clean shave look of yours or in many cases near bikini areas. It is important to figure out razor bump relief for yourself what suits you best out of the options given below. Alright, let’s get started then shall we?

The importance of keeping a clean face:

Use a scrub and a face cream to wash your face thoroughly, a bump brush is a good idea too. Keep your face clean and it’s half the battle won.  Bacteria thrive on weak skin and skin that is affected with razor bumps, it is imperative you make an effort to not let that happen by keeping the area of the skin which has bumps, clean.

Use hot water:

Avoid shaving if you have razor bumps, but if you have to, make sure you use moderately hot water to moisten the surface of the skin first so that the pores are open and the hair is not rigid. The use of regular cold tap water tends to close the pores and tightens up your skin which is not something you want.

Watch what you put on your face:

Choose an aftershave which is non-alcohol. Watch out for regular skin care products that contain alcohol which should be avoided in case you have razor bumps. Keeping your skin moisturized is a key point that’ll help you in a big way.

Laser Treatment or Electrolysis:

‘Laser treatment’ can be used only on those with light skin and dark hair as it can end up burning those with dark skin and not provide the desired results. This is because the method targets pigments which are dark in color.
Whereas ‘electrolysis’ is a universal treatment where the follicle of the hair is treated and not the pigment in the hair. These processes may cost somewhere around $100 – $200 per session. Get in touch with your dermatologist if you’re seriously considering permanent hair removal.

Exfoliate razor bump relief:

Before shaving- After shaving. Making exfoliating a part of your shaving is a must.  Exfoliation before shaving helps in removal of unwanted skin cells so you can get an even shave. Exfoliation after shaving helps in removing bacteria and release pores that may be blocked and help the hair below come out. Making it a regular process if a definite boost to your fight against razor bumps.

Consider Waxing than shaving:

If you have razor bumps consider shaving for a limited period of time until the condition subsides with the appropriate counter measures or simply switch to “waxing”.  Waxing has its side effects on ingrown hairs as well, so give it some thought before proceeding.

Try Some Home Made Medicine:

If you’re not much of a ‘skin cream’ person a simple home remedy can work as a best alternative. A face mask with the right ingredients is said to help in how to get rid of razor bumps easily in a big way.

For temporary relief a face mask made out of mashed cucumber and milk with a 1:2 ratio can be applied to the affected area and left on up to 20 minutes and rinsed off later.  This helps in countering the red coloration of the skin and shrink the bump size to a considerable extent.